Title Keyword
A fair solution for all influence, lobbying, seasonal worker
Canada Defends Its Oil European Union, industry, influence
Coalition for Bicycle Helmet Use coalition, influence, security
Community Pressure Prevails access, community, influence
Emergency Medical Services emergency, influence, medical services
Forest Industry Puts Pressure on the United States advertising, forest industry, influence
Influencing a Health Network health network, influence, pressure group
Lobbying Against Imports imports, influence, manufacturing industry
Lobbying for a Mobile App influence, lobbying, taxi industry
Lobbying for a Sports and Recreation Centre influence, lobbying, sports
Lobbying for a Trade Corridor exportation, influence, trade
Lobbying for Abortion Rights group, influence, women’s rights
Lobbying for Low-Cost Airfares airline, influence, travel
Lobbying for the shipbuilding sector government, influence, shipbuilding
Lobbying to Save Rail Service association, influence, rail service
Mobilization of Gasoline Wholesalers fuel, influence, mobilization
Parents Form Lobby Group influence, parents’ committee, school
Pay Equity coalition, influence, pay equity
Pressure mounts in support of pipeline influence, natural resources, pipeline
Pressure on the European Parliament european parliament, free trade, influence
Pressuring for healthcare in French healthcare network, influence, pressure
Provincial Government Lobbies at Federal Level employment insurance, influence, reform
Rail Transport Safety influence, rail transport, safety
Soccer Generates Economic Impact economic impact, influence, soccer
Solidarity against poverty influence, poverty, pubic programs
The community turns up the pressure influence, lobbying, shooting range