Among its research priorities and the various projects it has carried out to date, the Atlantic Canada Economic Information Observatory has set out to advance the study of economic and strategic intelligence as reflected by the countless examples and manifestations, which can be summed up by the concept of infostrategy—i.e. the emerging management process that leverages the convergence of information, communication and strategy in order to sustain the implementation of economic, social or community projects. By keeping a finger on the pulse of market trends, innovation, intellectual property, key competencies, know-how and relevant expertise, or even outreach and lobbying activities, organizations and communities at large are able to become more vigilant and increase the level of awareness of their competitive environment, as they strive for sustainability into the future.

This section is a repository of cases collected from across the news media, which showcase how infostrategy is being deployed on the ground.

Topics Subjects
A fair solution for all influence, lobbying, seasonal worker
A Logo Creates Confusion intellectual property, logo, protection
A Pressure Group Supports Culture arts and culture, mobilization, protests
A Rapper’s Trademark intellectual property, protection, trademark
A Solution to Offset a Lack of Experience community of practice, knowledge, school system
A Watch Centre for the Light Metal Industry light metal industry, SME, watch
Aboriginals Mount Pressure community, mobilization, pressure
Advertising Concept and Copyright copyright, plagiarism, protection
Alliance against Physician-Assisted Dying alliance, mobilization, physician-assisted dying
Baby Boomers Reaching Retirement knowledge, retirement, workforce
Battling organizational Alzheimer’s experience, knowledge, transfer
Business Intelligence and Analytics analytics, business intelligence, watch
Business Intelligence and Data Access business intelligence, mutual fund industry, watch
Business Intelligence and Data Management business intelligence, data, watch
Business Intelligence and Exporting business intelligence, exporting, watch
Business Intelligence and Financial Institutions financial institution, intelligence, watch
Business Intelligence and Inventory Management art industry, business intelligence, watch
Business Intelligence and Performance business intelligence, liquor corporation, watch
Business Intelligence and Performance business intelligence, competition, watch
Business Intelligence and Performance Tracking business intelligence, performance, watch
Business Intelligence and Retail Sales business intelligence, retail sales, watch
Business Intelligence and Sales Tracking business intelligence, sales, watch
Business Intelligence at a Crown Corporation business intelligence, Crown Corporation, watch
Business Intelligence at a Farming Co-op business intelligence, farming industry, watch
Business Intelligence in the Beverage Industry beverage industry, business intelligence, watch
Business Intelligence in the Entertainment Industry business intelligence, entertainment industry, watch
Business Intelligence Tools in Banking banking, business intelligence, watch
Business mentoring program knowledge, mentoring, succession
Business Succession: A Question of Planning business succession, knowledge, succession planning
Canada Defends Its Oil European Union, industry, influence
Canada Post Protects Its Postal Codes intellectual property, postal codes, protection
Centralizing Know-How expertise, information literacy, knowledge
Coalition for Bicycle Helmet Use coalition, influence, security
Coalition for the environment blueberry field, environment, mobilization
Collaborating to Promote Innovation collaboration, innovation, knowledge
Communities of Practice in the Steel Industry community of practice, knowledge, steel industry
Community Pressure Prevails access, community, influence
Competition and Trademarks competition, protection, trademark
Competitive Intelligence and Economic Development economic development, farming region, intelligence
Competitive Intelligence and Foresight competitive intelligence, foresight, watch
Competitive Intelligence and Sales Processes competition, sales, watch
Competitive Intelligence and SMEs competitive intelligence, SMEs, watch
Competitive Intelligence and the Environment competition, environment, watch
Competitive Intelligence and the Market competition, market strategy, watch
Competitive Intelligence Supporting the Agri-Food Industry agri-food industry, competition, watch
Competitive Intelligence: A Company’s Radar System companies, competition, watch
Compiling Data on a Company and Its Competitors business intelligence, market, watch
Conducting research before patenting patent, protection, research
Conflict over Seismic Data copyright, intellectual property, protection
Copyright and Software copyright, protection, software
Counterfeit Perfume counterfeiting, protection, trademark
Counterfeited Clothing Brand counterfeiting, protection, trademark
Counterfeiting a Jacket Brand counterfeiting, protection, trademark
Delaying Retirement in the Textile Industry knowledge, retirement, textile industry
Developing Through Innovation innovation, technology watch, timber industry
Diversifying to Stand Out competitor, diversification, intelligence
Economic Intelligence and Cosmetics cosmetic industry, economic intelligence, watch
Emergency Medical Services emergency, influence, medical services
Ensuring the Smooth Transfer of a Company knowledge, planning, transfer
European Union Defends Its Copyright copyright, European Union, protection
Expertise transfer and diversification diversification, expertise, knowledge
Family Farm Succession Planning family farm, knowledge, succession
Family Succession at SMEs family succession, knowledge, SME
Filling the Gap Left by Baby Boomers knowledge, succession, transfer
Financial Dispute intellectual property, patent, protection
Forest Industry Puts Pressure on the United States advertising, forest industry, influence
Group pressuring for a bypass lobbying, mobilization, public works
Illegal Downloading copyright, downloading, protection
In-House Succession Planning knowledge, recruitment, succession planning
Industrial Psychologists Supporting the Business Transfer Process business succession, industrial psychologist, knowledge
Influencing a Health Network health network, influence, pressure group
Information Assets: An Invaluable Resource community of practice, information assets, knowledge
Infringement of Concept copyright, infringement, protection
Innovating through Strategic Watch innovation, nanotechnology, watch
Innovations without Patents innovation, patent, protection
Integrated Marketing analysis, marketing, watch
Intellectual property sold without permission copyright, piracy, protection
Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer intergenerational, knowledge, SME
Journalistic Plagiarism media, plagiarism, protection
Keeping an eye on your company’s human capital human capital, knowledge, resource
Knowledge and Consulting Firms knowledge, organizational culture, performance
Knowledge and Resource Sustainability groundwater, knowledge, resources
Knowledge Loss at a Police Department knowledge, police department, retirement
Knowledge Management at SMEs knowledge, manufacturing industry, SMEs
Knowledge Management for ICT Experts ICT, information bank, knowledge
Knowledge Management in the Fishing Industry fishing industry, knowledge, resources
Knowledge Management in the Nuclear Industry knowledge, nuclear industry, retirement
Knowledge Management in the Public Service knowledge, public service, retirement
Knowledge Transfer at a Power Utility knowledge, power utility, retirement
Knowledge Transfer at a Pulp and Paper Mill knowledge, pulp and paper mill, training
Knowledge Transfer in Aerospace aerospace industry, knowledge, transfer
Knowledge Transfer in the Public Service knowledge, new hires, public service
Knowledge Transfer Portal knowledge, portal, public service
Knowledge Transfer: A Competitive Advantage knowledge, retirement, transfer
Lack of knowledge transfer at town halls knowledge, succession, town halls
Legacy and intellectual property intellectual property, legacy, protection
Lobbying Against Imports imports, influence, manufacturing industry
Lobbying against injustice lobbying, mobilization, pension fund
Lobbying and patents in the pharmaceutical industry patent, pharmaceutical industry, protection
Lobbying Committee committee, mobilization, pressure
Lobbying for a Mobile App influence, lobbying, taxi industry
Lobbying for a Sports and Recreation Centre influence, lobbying, sports
Lobbying for a Trade Corridor exportation, influence, trade
Lobbying for Abortion Rights group, influence, women’s rights
Lobbying for Highway Safety highway safety, lobbying, measures
Lobbying for Low-Cost Airfares airline, influence, travel
Lobbying for the Federal Budget budget, equalization, lobbying
Lobbying for the shipbuilding sector government, influence, shipbuilding
Lobbying to Save Rail Service association, influence, rail service
Lobbyists support inshore fishers inshore fishers, lobbyists, mobilization
Loss of Knowledge in the Public Service knowledge, public service, retirement
Managing Knowledge to Promote Innovation innovation, knowledge, organizational memory
Manufacturing Companies Use Technology Watch manufacturing industry, technology, watch
Marketing and Market Intelligence competition, market intelligence, watch
Matching to support business succession business succession, economic development, knowledge
Medical Data Intelligence analysis, health care, intelligence
Mentoring in the Automotive Industry automotive industry, knowledge, mentoring
Mentoring to Promote Economic Development economic development, knowledge, mentoring
Mentoring tomorrow’s leaders knowledge, mentoring, succession
Mobilization against fuel prices increases fuel prices, mobilization, petition
Mobilization against Shale Gas mobilization, opposition, shale gas
Mobilization and Drinking Water mobilization, regulation, shale gas
Mobilization of Gasoline Wholesalers fuel, influence, mobilization
Mobilizing against Budget Cuts budget, cut, mobilization
Mobilizing Concerning the Status of Women mobilization, poverty, status of women
Mobilizing Outside of the Provincial Legislature electric power, mobilization, negotiations
Mobilizing Truck Drivers mobilization, road transport, trucker
Monitoring Online Social Networks monitoring, online social networks, public opinion
Musical Arrangements Become Complicated copyright, musical, protection
New Information Monitoring Service mining sector, service, watch
Observatory and Information Watch health, observatory, watch
Overcoming Competition through Watch Processes clothing industry, competition, watch
Parents Form Lobby Group influence, parents’ committee, school
Partnerships and Royalties partnership, protection, royalties
Patent Trolls intellectual property, patent, protection
Patenting Before Going to Market competition, patent, protection
Patenting Intellectual Property intellectual property, patent, protection
Patents for agricultural seed agriculture, patent, protection
Pay Equity coalition, influence, pay equity
Pirating in the Software Industry copyright, pirating, protection
Pirating of Intellectual Property intellectual property, piracy, protection
Planning Family Succession business succession, family succession, knowledge
Premier Lobbies for Park Recognition government, lobbying, park
Pressure mounts in support of pipeline influence, natural resources, pipeline
Pressure on a company environment, mobilization, political pressure
Pressure on the European Parliament european parliament, free trade, influence
Pressuring for healthcare in French healthcare network, influence, pressure
Pressuring for Trademark Exclusivity pressure, protection, trademark
Protecting a Company’s Intellectual Property competition, intellectual property, protection
Protecting a Website from Cybersquatters cybersquatting, protection, website
Protectionist Measures and Fishing fishing industry, mobilization, protectionism
Provincial Government Lobbies at Federal Level employment insurance, influence, reform
Public Demonstration demonstration, mobilization, petition
Public Employees Mobilize mobilization, pressure, public service
Rail Transport Safety influence, rail transport, safety
Reform and Mobilization Actions health, mobilization, reform
Regional Watch Services for SMEs economic development, SME, watch
Registering a Trademark protection, trademark, wine industry
Remaining competitive in the market competition, competitive intelligence, information watch
Royalties for an Exclusivity Licence copyright, protection, royalty
Royalties from Gymnastics Clubs copyright, protection, royalty
Seeking to Mobilize the Forestry Industry forestry industry, lobbying, mobilization
Shared Intelligence Monitoring Service SME, watch, wood processing industry
SME Succession Program knowledge, SME, succession
Soccer Generates Economic Impact economic impact, influence, soccer
Solidarity against poverty influence, poverty, pubic programs
Solidarity for the car insurance car insurance, mobilization, solidarity
Strategic Information Bulletin economic information, observatory, watch
Strategic Marketing and Innovation insurance industry, strategic marketing, watch
Strategic Research Management research, strategic management, watch
Strategic Watch and Economic Development economic development, strategy, watch
Strategic Watch and SMEs competition, SME, watch
Strategic Watch for a SME Manufacturer international markets, SME, watch
Strategic Watch for SMEs competition, SME, watch
Student Activism mobilization, protest, students
Succession plan knowledge, retirement, succession
Succession Plan at a Law Firm knowledge, law firm, succession plan
Succession planning at publishing houses knowledge, publishing houses, succession
Succession Planning at the University Level knowledge, succession, university
Technology Watch and the Plastics Industry international markets, plastics industry, watch
Technology Watch as a Mission development, research, technology watch
The community turns up the pressure influence, lobbying, shooting range
The Importance of Playing Police beer, protection, trademark
Tourism Watch competition, tourism industry, watch
Trademark Conflict protection, restaurant, trademark
Trademark Conflict brewery, protection, trademark
Trademark Conflict intellectual property, protection, trademark
Trademark of an Online Social Network online social networks, protection, trademark
Trademarking a Fiddler’s Name intellectual property, protection, trademark
Trademarking a Restaurant Name law, protection, trademark
Trademarks and Craft Breweries brewery, protection, trademark
Trademarks and Dairy Products competition, protection, trademark
Trademarks and Lingerie lingerie, protection, trademark
Trademarks and Patents patent, protection, trademark
Trademarks and the Internet infringement, protection, trademark
Transfer of Expertise in the Health Care System expertise, health care system, knowledge
Transfer of Intergenerational Knowledge consulting firm, knowledge, sharing
Transferring Copyright copyright, protection, software
Transferring Expertise within the Canadian Armed Forces armed forces, experience, knowledge
Transmitting knowledge before retirement healthcare network, knowledge, retirement
Twitter as an Information Monitoring Tool digital social networks, monitoring, Web 2.0
Unauthorized advertising policy, protection, trademark
Unauthorized use of intellectual property copyright, poverty, protection
Veterans Protest mobilization, protest, veterans
Weak-Signal Detection Software business intelligence, software, watch
When Knowledge Reaches Retirement Age baby boomers, knowledge, retirement